Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Soul Patrol

Pepsi or Coke, Conservative or Progressive, iPhone or Android, Volkwagen or ... - we have choices. Our choices are critical for businesses and politicians. Therefore as long as we have money and care about politics these people and their vassals from advertising and marketing and Hollywood flatter us and speak: you are the sovereign, you are our customer the king, you are happy (if you own this and that), you can achieve everything (if you buy or do this or that). Some hundred years ago this was much easier for the kings, the popes, the princes and the powerful: be my fan and give me your money or possessions or my men will chop off your head. 

The worst we can do about this is believing it. We didn´t decide about our parents, country and time of birth (it makes a huge difference to be born in 1920 in Europe or 1985), don´t have the power to prolong life, at some point of our life we become weaker and weaker and fade away ... unless we unite ourselves with the man who died like every being on earth, but who beat death and arose from death and went up to heaven: Jesus is the only way leading upwards, everything else is sooner or later failing and doomed. Join the upward movement!

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